An image can make or break your business. The adage is true; ‘’an image speaks louder than words.’’ Images are even more important factors in your eCommerce endeavors since most shoppers are attracted to images than texts. This is why you must put more emphasis when selecting images for commercial use. The chosen image must be top-quality and compliment your brand. With that in mind, here are top tips for choosing the right image for your commercial use:

a) Invest in high definition photography for your images for commercial use

Every business person wants his website to look elegant and professional. High definition images offer those possibilities. Your chosen images must not be less than 72 dots per inch (dpi). On the other hand, images in print must not be less than 300 dots per inch. You should know that pixelated images only serve to drive more visitors away from your commercial website. However, keep in mind that top-quality images take a lot more space and take time to load. you can download free photos from Shopify’s platform!

Image size also plays a critical role in your business success. The image may be high quality and tiny, which may not be good for your site. You don’t want prospective clients to struggle to look at your image. There are numerous photography websites you can get large, high quality and license-free images like Bing’s image search. The best way to go around the image issue is to trust your gut. If you have reservations about using any image, desist from using it.


  • b) Get to grips with copyright laws and at all time attribute your images for commercial use – Copyright infringement is a serious offence and can result in serious repercussions, including closure of your site. Copyright is basically stealing images to use for your commercial endeavors. It’s perfectly true that it’s a jungle out there, and people have to survive, but stealing is not how to do it. Always ensure that when you use an image, attribute it to the photographer. How? By linking out to the source website. You might also be downloading images for commercial use without knowing that you’re breaking the law.
  • There are basically three kinds of images: Royalty free, which allows you to purchase a license on a one-off basis and utilize the image with regards to the license. The second is public domain images, which have no copyright claims or restrictions. The third kind is the creative commons, which allows you to use the images in compliance with the owners’ stated restrictions.
  • c) Make a point to optimize your chosen images for social media – Without a shadow of doubt, social media is where most people spend most of their time. So, it would be beneficial to target that market by optimizing your images for social media. You can use tools like Canva to optimize your images for social media. This software resizes your image widths in accordance with the requirements of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

  • d) Know the right terms to search out images for commercial use – To be able to gather the best photos for your online business, learn the photography lingo. Some of the terms that can help you nail down the best images for your site include silhouette, wide angle, low angle, depth of field, selective focus and long exposure..
  • e) Ensure the Images for commercial use you select conforms to the tone of your brand – Great images represent the tone of your business. It would be pointless to choose an image that has zero characteristics that match your brand. Choose images that are not only high-quality, but also well-composed, elegant and match your brand.

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