Easy Ways You Can Use Google Image Search to Find Free Stock Photos 

You are new to blogging or eCommerce, and you find you need to put up images; the first place you go to would be Google. Google, being one of the most used search engines with just about any piece of information in the universe, will bring you a bunch of results including websites you can download free images. However, as easy as searching for this images for commercial use are on Google, keep in mind some, if not most, have copyright issues that would land you am expensive lawsuit. Therefore, you need to be very careful with these images.

Checking and re-checking for licensing on the images is one way to go. Another is using the Google Image Search to find free images for commercial purposes. With Google Search, you have the capability of filtering through the results to find all kinds of images, text, and videos with permission for you to use. You need only use the “usage rights” key on the Advanced Search filter that will let you know when to use, modify or share anything found online.

Steps to finding free images for commercial use on Google Advanced Search filter

Step 1: Proceed to the ‘Advanced Image Search’ to find free stock photos. You can also go to ‘Advanced Search’ to look for whatever else you have in mind.

Step 2: You will find a box called “all these words” where you can type whatever you want to search.

Step 3: You will then find a section named “usage rights” where you can use the drop-down to select the kind of license you need you content to have.

Step 4: Choose Advanced Search

Anytime you want to reuse content, images or photography website templates, please make sure their license is legit and check for the exact T&Cs for reuse. Google does not have the ability to tell if an image or content is licensed lawfully, it is your part to check and recheck for legitimacy.

Different forms of usage rights for free stock photos

Usage rights can help you find images and content from various websites, including photography sites, which you can reuse in our site. You will find information on how to use the images or content that you can adhere to to stay out of trouble.

  1. Free to share or use that gives you the chance to copy and reuse its content provided you do not change the content
  2. Free to share, use or modify where you can copy, modify and/or reuse the content in specific ways depending on the content’s license.
  3. Free images for commercial use where you have to pick an option that has the word ‘commercially.’

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