How to Turn Your Free Stock Photos into Profitable Ones 

The advancement of technology has made it possible for people to make a living out of just about any talent or hobby. Who knew there would ever come a time when you could upload your stock photos only to sell and market it to someone else? And you can do all this online at the comfort of your home or office or vacation.

#1: Select your ideal images for commercial use

Have you taken any images you want to sell? You need to have a few that you can upload onto websites that will pay you. Most people have dozens of photos on their laptops just idling there. How about making a few bucks with those images?

To start on the journey of selling your photos as photography website templates, you have to make sure you have the right equipment. Instead of using your iPhone to take photos, put on your professional suit by investing in a quality digital camera that can shoot sharp images.

Most websites that buy photographer’s images for commercial use inspect the images before approving them for online posting. You can learn the ins and outs of your camera with a couple of initial shots to practice and perfect your photography skills.

#2: Sell your free stock photos on microstock websites

Microstock stands for micropayments done by websites for using other people’s images. The payments are instantly transferred to the photographers who took the images. Most of the images go for $1 and increase depending on their sizes.

Some microstock photography websites like Shutterstock and Istock photo make it very easy for amateur photographers to make a living out of selling their images. Once these sites approve you as a contributor, they take a percentage of each sale you make. However, uploading your images on their portfolios is free.

Developing a robust and diverse portfolio is extremely important if you want to sell and market your photos. You should set a goal for how many images to upload on a weekly or monthly basis. Top photographers recommend using your connections in different industries to sell your images when starting out. This is because it usually takes longer than expected to break into the industry. Using people of influence to get you there is considered the smart way to go.

Using keywords correctly can also improve your chances of selling your images. There are many keyword generators you can use. The idea is to have your images appearing in top results of search engines so people can be prompted to visiting your site to take a look through. Who knows, some of them will be turning your free stock photos into their photography website templates.